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Is there anybody out there, who never knew anger, fear, sadness or some other form of emotional pain?

Of course not.

Experiencing various emotions is what makes us so beautifully human. But sometimes through over-identification with our emotional patterns we remain stuck in realities we would not create, if we truly acted out of our free will. I call those imprisoning feelings - emotional success blockers, as they are obstacles to our happy existence. Because isn’t success in its purest form simply a conscious, authentically lived life?

The freedom’s formula I propose is 3Keys -to-Self-Understanding, a combination of MBTI®, Enneagram and Inner Work.

3Keys work is based on the method of Pat Wyman, author of the book "Three Keys to Self-understanding". It is different from traditional cognitive practices and focuses mainly on an affective approach, the only effective way to bring about a permanent change.

The 3Keys-to-Self-Understanding work is aimed to make you aware of the influence of unconscious programs and disarm those by means of affective right brain methodologies. It provides sustainable tools that you can use for the rest of your (newly regained!) life. In the role of 3 Keys practitioner I see myself as a facilitator of the process, working hand in hand with the client.

Through disengaging the early programming and lowering the impact of the emotional success blockers: anger, fear, sadness and inexplicable mental pain, we establish a stable relationship with your True Self with a full access to all your commensurate gifts, talents and your own wisdom.

Check out my views of life, illustrated in the below photo gallery.

Texts are credit to Marzena Lesiñska, poetry writer.

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When was the last time you did something that scared you? If you build up your life around comfort and stick only to things that are familiar, change will be reluctant to find you. Superheroes do not have monopoly on bravery.  Courageous means also breaking out of patterns and taking a full lead of your own existence. Safety is cosy, but it is confining too. Be free.

If you want to live a better life, glue the loose pieces together and eliminate the impact of emotional success blockers.

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